vibes for a new economy

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We are The Young Vibes.

Being young enthusiasts, we love to use our fresh view and experimental mindset to solve the (temporary) talent needs of organisations in a flexible way.


Our Services


 Searching for versatile talent to keep the dynamic in your project high? Do you want to feel some fresh vibes through your organisation and do you believe that creativity can lead to qualitative results?


 Want to transform your workshop, seminar or training into an inspiring and result-oriented moment? Are you fired up to do things differently?

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Our model

During six months, recent graduates enter an intensive track created by Co-Vibes: The Young Vibes. In this track they create sustainable solutions for challenges of various organisations whilst being professionaly supported by Co-Vibes. 

For organisations

For organisations, The Young Vibes is a flexible helping hand during a project or for boosting up the daily tasks. We can take the lead as project manager, or be the versatile support you need to keep the dynamic high. The Young Vibes are flexible, as well in intensity as in duration, so we can help you with short interventions, but with developing and implementing tracks leading to structural changes as well.

For starters

For starters, The Young Vibes is an intense learning experience. During a track of 6 months they get the chance to develop their talents and discover their professional side. These recently graduates do this by tackling various challenges in different organisations. Via co-creative formats, especially created to increase their growth curve and guarantee quality for our clients, they get the support they need.